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Knight Clubs is a unique program that provides affluent clientele with a universal VIP membership for the country’s top-rated Gentlemen’s Clubs, Night clubs, and Restaurants.  


Only a select few establishments in a given city are invited by Knight Clubs to participate.  The program caters to wealthy individuals and business executives who travel and enjoy VIP treatment at pre-screened venues.

Drives higher-end clientele to you

Distinguishes you as the best in

  the city

Capture national & international

  leisure & business travelers

Promote special offers & events

  to KC members

Increased earning potential

  for your staff web-site & social

  media marketing gives you

  additional free online exposure

Distinguishes you as the best in the city

Knight Clubs®

Marketing Program - Participating Business Agreement

This Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by and between Fenwick Group, L.L.C.  (dba "Knight Clubs") of Medford, NJ and the undersigned entity (the "Participating Business"). By executing the Agreement, the Participating Business accepts membership in the Knight Clubs marketing program in accordance with the following terms and conditions:




There are NO fees charged to the Participating Business.



Description of Services

During the term of its Participating Business in the marketing program, Knight Clubs will be promoting the Participating Business to its Individual Members.  The intent is for Individual Members to have access to VIP benefits to the best Gentlemen's Clubs, Night Clubs and Restaurants at select cities in the USA.  Participating Businesses are by "invitation only" of Knight Clubs.  The goal is to screen and invite into the program the top two or three of each Gentlemen's Clubs, Night Clubs and Restaurants determined by Knight Club's management, in targeted cities.  



Promotion & Marketing

Knight Clubs will be engaging in target marketing programs and techniques to build and retain a "higher-end" clientele for Knight Clubs Membership.



Participating Business Obligation

The Participating Business will offer the same "VIP benefits" to those individual Knight Clubs members that present a valid Knight Clubs membership card as they would offer as part of their own basic VIP card program.  If the Participating Business does not have an internal VIP card program then the Participating Business would offer at a minimum:  - No cover charge at the front door; Access to VIP seating area if available; VIP Entrance, VIP Line, or its equivalent to a no-wait line pass; if the Participating Business generally requires a reservation, that Knight Clubs members receive preferential reservation treatment. At its sole discretion, the Participating Business may offer other special offers, incentives, promotions or events to Knight Clubs members and Knight Clubs will advertise it as such to the members.  



The Participating Business should make their staff aware of the Knight Clubs program in order to facilitate benefits being extended to members, and to alert the staff to the fact that these gentlemen are VIPs.  

Knight Clubs will supply the Participating Business with a small placard or decal that should be placed in the vicinity of the front desk as a staff reminder as well as making Knight Club members feel welcome as VIPs.  



Use of Name

The Participating Business may publicly disclose that it is a Participating Business of Knight Clubs for marketing and promotional purposes.  Knight Clubs shall have the right to include the Participating Business's name in any lists of Participating Business published by the Knight Clubs and to announce that the Participating Business has been selected as one of the top two establishments in its respective city.  Both Knight Clubs and the Participating Business acknowledge that neither will make any claims of association or affiliation with the other outside the context of this marketing program.  



Confidentiality and Nondisclosure

Both Knight Clubs and the Participating Business agree to keep confidential each other’s trade secrets or intellectual property that it may learn by intent or inadvertently during the course of the program.  This includes, but is not limited to: member names or lists, customer names, employee names, ownership interests, business practices, or financial information.




Either party may at any time terminate this agreement with written notice to the other.   Upon termination by either party, both parties will have a 14-day grace period to discontinue reference to the other party that may exist in member lists, Web sites, Internet advertising, physical & electronic signage, new print materials, and any verbal, written or electronic communication.  This Agreement shall immediately terminate upon the dissolution of the Knight Clubs or the Participating Business's business.





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